Get paid when your music is used on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

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Earn money when your songs are used in videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Stories and TikTok, even if they are simply played in the background of a video uploaded by someone else. Monetization of social video is included in the digital distribution service.

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    YouTube Content ID

    YouTube creates and stores a sonic imprint of your audio recordings and compositions and will make a copyright claim on ANY eligible video containing your music. You will receive your earnings based on the views accumulated by the videos containing your music.

  2. Facebook icon.png

    Earn money with your music on Facebook

    Facebook is one of the largest social networks on the planet. You and your fans are probably already there sharing your music in videos. But there may be a lot of people you don't know who are using your songs in the videos they upload. With TAG The Artist Garage you will receive your earnings with the views totaled by all the videos that contain your music.

  3. Instagram icon.png

    Make your songs available on Instagram Stories

    Do you want your songs to be available in the Instagram music section so that users can add those songs to the Instagram Stories they are creating? With TAG The Artist Garage your music will be available to all users and you will be paid when it is used on Instagram.

  4. Tiktok Icon.png

    Your music on TikTok

    Add your music to TikTok's music library with TAG The Artist Garage and you can choose exactly which 30 second snippet of your tracks will be available on TikTok. You will earn every time your music is played in video on TikTok and your earnings will be reported and available directly on your TAG account.

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