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Affidati a TAG The Artist Garage per creare e gestire le tue campagne di marketing digitale. Raggiungi nuove persone e scopri a chi piace la tua musica.

The right platform for every advertisement

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    Promote your SmartLink, your latest song and your videos in different formats and in different placements on Facebook.

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    Promote your SmartLink, your latest song and your videos in the Instagram feed and stories.

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    Promote your latest video clip with in-stream, in search results and related YouTube videos.

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    Promote your content and profile in the TikTok feed.

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    Promote your latest publication with audio / video ads within Spotify thanks to Spotify Ad Studio.

How does it work

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    We will get to know each other

    Before we begin, we will take some time to learn all about you and the music you are about to release. As soon as we have all the information necessary to develop your promotional potential, we can get to work creating and launching your campaign.

  2. developing.png

    We develop the promotional campaign

    At this stage, we will develop and create everything needed for a successful promotional campaign. We will share with you a bespoke posting schedule that will push and promote your music to new and existing fans more effectively.

  3. rocket.png

    Let's start the campaign

    When everything is ready, it will be time to officially launch your promotional campaign!

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    Analysis and feedback

    We'll analyze the results of your campaign together to find out how it helped grow your online presence and draw more attention to your music.

Your campaign starting from

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Everything you need to increase your fanbase

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