TAG SmartLink

Free for every artist who joins TAG The Artist Garage.

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TAG SmartLink is an easy-to-share webpage that puts all links to your publication on popular platforms in one place, including Pre-Save and Pre-Add links before the release date.

If you request it, you can receive a SmartLink TAG for each of your new publications made with TAG The Artist Garage in an easy and free way.

TAG SmartLink keeps all the most important links to your music in one web page. Share the URL with fans so they can choose which platform they prefer to listen to, like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or others.

How TAG SmartLink works

After distributing your music with TAG The Artist Garage within your dashboard you can easily request your TAG SmartLink.

Once the release you send us passes our checks and is accepted by major music stores, we will email you your TAG SmartLink.

Before your new music is officially released, your TAG SmartLink will contain Pre-Save and Pre-Add links for Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Once the release date arrives, your TAG SmartLink will automatically update to include links to your new release on all major music platforms.

All you have to do is share the URL with the fans and they can listen to your music anywhere with just one link.

Pre-Save & Pre-Add

When a fan clicks the Spotify Pre-Save or Apple Music Pre-Add button on your TAG SmartLink webpage, your new music will automatically be added to that person's library on the day of your release.

Increase audience engagement ahead of your next release date and get your new music to hit your fans' personal libraries and playlists on release day.

How to get started

Release your new music with TAG The Artist Garage, you can request your TAG SmartLink for free for each new release, including the Pre-Save & Pre-Add to share with your listeners.

TAG SmartLink is the easy way to share your new music before and after the release date. It's free for any artist who joins TAG The Artist Garage.