Started in the 90s in conjunction with concerts and events, the so-called musical "merch" has gradually increased its relevance, becoming an indispensable component for the promotion of artists. The exploit came with the advent of hip-hop, which over the years has embraced various forms of artistic expression, also involving the clothing sector with the launch of "casual" streetwear.

TAG The Artist Garage helps artists easily design and print custom merchandise, perfect for your next event, e-commerce or roadside sales. You will receive high quality custom printed t-shirts, hoodies, hats and bags, personalized with your band logo or design. Go to each show with a wide choice of personalized merchandise from the band and give your fans the chance to support your music career as they spread the word, wearing merchandise wherever they go.

Which is the right product for you?

  1. tshirt_sel.png


    Custom white or colored printed T-shirts.

  2. hoodie_sel.png


    Custom screen printed sweatshirts with or without hood.

  3. bag_sel.png


    Cotton gymsac with contrasting color laces.

  4. hat_sel.png


    Adjustable caps with infinite color combinations and quality personalized printing.


  1. cd purlple.png

    Print your new CD with TAG

    Choose from different packaging available, including custom digipacks and jewel boxes.

  1. usb.png

    Custom USB Music Cards

    A single 4GB flash drive can hold your entire high-definition music library, a few high-resolution photos, sheet music, personal messages, and a video. Your fans want more, imagine everything you can share with them!