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Why release music on Apple Music

Over 70 million music fans around the world use Apple Music to follow their favorite artists and discover new music.

Join a catalog of over 90 million tracks available on all devices.

With TAG The Artist Garage you can release your music on Apple Music also in HD with the different supported formats.

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Publish your music to Apple Music with TAG The Artist Garage and you can:

  • Request a free Apple Music Pre-Add SmartLink to share with fans every time you release new music
  • View the synchronized lyrics of your songs on Apple and Android devices
  • Access insights and analytics about your music on Apple Music

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After publishing your music on Apple Music for the first time, you will be able to request access to Apple Music for Artists to verify and personalize your artist profile and access more information.

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How to release your music on Apple Music

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    Sign in

    Create a free account on TAG The Artist Garage.

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    Upload and release

    Upload your tracks, graphics and all the important information of your publication. Choose the release date on Apple Music.

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    Receive your earnings

    You will earn money every time your music is streamed on Apple Music. Your earnings will be reported and available directly on your TAG account.

You don't need a record label to bring your music to Apple Music.

You can release music on Apple Music with TAG The Artist Garage and keep 100% rights to your tracks.

Just sign in, upload your tracks and we'll do the rest.

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